The Sound Of The 17th Season

by Sven Väth

  • Compact Disc (CD)

    The first part of "The Sound of the 17th Season" guided us into the night, now we are ready for a release of energy and passion. Levon Vincent does not even need a bass drum for an electrifying,sweeping piece of House Music. With a deeply pulsating bassline and an over-the-top organ solo Redshape manages to be even more thrilling. Hot City Orchestra and André Galluzzi suspend this tremendous tension with an atmospheric techno track, rooting floating, fluttering echoes with serious, focused acid sounds. Adam Port merges the diverging energies into a single, pulsating synth pattern. Damian Lazarus and Kölsch release this straightforward flow with soulful melodies, a beautiful set of strings offering even deeper und richer emotional shades. Rendering this forthcoming, up-front temper into nagging electro sounds, Margot condenses Kölsch's exuberance into a deep euphoria, it´s naïve fun reminding of "Electrica Salsa". Margot wobbling synths mutate unnoticeably into Danny Daze´ sawing acid tracks. Creating another level of urgency Daze gets rid of all subtleties, drawing its energy
    entirely from the track itself, employing improbable changes in the pace of the groove.
    With the 1994 Progressive House milestone "Robot", Väth plays another track of his own. Techno, Ambient and Eletronica are fused in a complex structure of overlapping synth tracks. In his very special remix, Kölsch uses a grumbling, doggish synth pattern to anchor all the multifaceted sounds. With a gloomy, huge techno track, Slam exhibit another level of seriousness. But with the trustworthily whispered words "I wanna take you there" this track has a charming side as well. Robert Hood picks up this tension between techno and soul and pushes it even further moving a short, filtered vocal snippet through the stereo spectrum. With Bart Skills, Väth reaches his finale: the bass and bassline are complemented by the springy swing of the hookline like the dot on the I. The very special Johannes Heil has siren-like winds flashing up abruptly. An instant later they are gone. Väth immerses himself into the pure, rhythm-driven energy with Emmanuel's heavy, resonant synth tracks. Jangling strings create an eeriness as an enthralling counterpart. Then it's time to say goodbye. With the labyrinthine, trippy synthesizers of Konstantin Sibold “Mutter”, Väth manages to recollect no less than
    three motifs that led us through this amazing set: with its series of different chapters, “Mutter” reflects the DJ set as a journey of many episodes, each being so different that we are never able to anticipate what is coming next. The infinitely rich shades of the synthesizers reflect Väth's insatiable love for electronic sounds. Last but not least, Konstantin Sibold's track is a tribute to Sven Väth's "Robot" and the celebrated style of Väth´s legendary Harthouse label.

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CD 1
1. Harald Björk - Sabor Latino (Mix of Life Version)
2. Ripperton - Ordine Gigante
3. Rhauder & Paul St. Hilaire - Molekule
4. Love Over Entropy - Sea
5. Kamran Sadeghi - Flow Me
6. Alex & Digby - Angolan Rumble
7. Traumer - Ijah
8. Omar S - Heard’chew single ft. John FM
9. Eddie Fowlkes - Oriane
10. C-Rau - Sheeos Unn Note
11. OFF feat. Sven Väth - Electrica Salsa (Roman Flügel Remix)
12. Pantha du Prince - Dream Yourself Awake

CD 2
1. Levon Vincent - A1
2. Redshape - Tel Aviv
3. Hot City Orchestra - The Nine (André Galluzzi Remix)
4. Adam Port - Sonnenfinsternis
5. Damian Lazarus - Trouble at the Seance (Kölsch Remix)
6. Margot - Er Suonone
7. Danny Daze - Swim
8. Sven Väth - Robot (Kölsch Remix)
9. Slam feat. Mr. V - Take You There
10. Floorplan - Spin
11. Bart Skills - Fifth Gear
12. Johannes Heil - By Night Part One
13. Emmanuel - Entroterra
14. Konstantin Sibold - Mutter


released November 25, 2016



Cocoon Recordings Frankfurt, Germany

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