Définition Synematique

by Mario Hammer And The Lonely Robot

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Polot 02:21
Ayurnamat 07:02
Sabsung 07:34
Meltem 00:47
Ratljóst 05:13
Razljubít 04:32
Synematique 06:08



1. Petrichor feat. Thyladomid (DE-Q20-19-01846)
2. Orenda feat. Thyladomid (DE-Q20-19-01847)
3. Verstehen feat. Thyladomid (DE-Q20-19-01848)
4. Geum Sabba feat. Thyladomid (DE-Q20-19-01849)
5. Avoir Le Mal De Quelqu'un feat. Thyladomid (DE-Q20-19-01850)
6. Wackelkontakt I (DE-Q20-19-01851)
7. Wackelkontakt II (DE-Q20-19-01852)
8. Polot (DE-Q20-19-01853)
9. Ayurnamat (DE-Q20-19-01854)
10. Koyaanisqatsi (DE-Q20-19-01855)
11. Sabsung (DE-Q20-19-01856)
12. Filter Kaffe I (DE-Q20-19-01857)
13. Filter Kaffe II (DE-Q20-19-01858)
14. Meltem (DE-Q20-19-01859)
15. Ratljost (DE-Q20-19-01860)
16. Razljubit (DE-Q20-19-01861)
17. Synematique (DE-Q20-19-01862)

Bonus Track:

18. Herr Schneider feat. Wisdom Water (DE-Q20-19-01863)


released March 15, 2019

Definition Synematique -
Mario Hammer And The Lonely Robot create another stunning cinematic soundscape, rich in both emotional and musical intelligence.

In many respects, music has the ability to capture intensely personal emotions, transcend language and make the indescribable tangible for others. Should I smile, cry or drift off through the universe when I hear a melody? It even has the power to mystically connect this melting pot of emotions simultaneously. This then, is the domain of Mario Hammer And The Lonely Robot and those who have followed their career know they have already demonstrated this impressive phenomenon on their two previous albums, transforming their personal feelings into unique musical soundscapes, creating an emotional interface that enables the listener to decode and then assimilate them collectively or as individual sensations.

True to form, they once again apply this syntactic assemblage to great effect on the new album "Définition Synematique" brought to you courtesy of Cocoon Recordings. Eighteen expansive tracks take the listener on a majestic mystery tour through a variety of moods that represent an artist at the peak of their creativity. This emotional, heartfelt approach, realised through a potent mixture of ambient, electronica and techno influences, gives this new work a cinematic sound signature all of its own. Intriguingly though, it also belongs to a rich tapestry of electronic composers dating back to Tangerine Dream and Jean-Michel Jarre albeit with a contemporary twist, rekindling the flame for a new generation of psychonauts as echoes from the dance floor weave their way into numerous chillout sessions around the globe.

Undoubtedly, the album tells a very personal story. Mario Hammer And The Lonely Robot succeed in evoking the same emotional state in the listener that they themselves felt during its creation, producing an album of real depth, innovation and distinction in the process.


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Cocoon Recordings Frankfurt, Germany

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