Cocoon Compilation M

by Various Artists

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Samsara 05:28
BeatMakerZ 07:04
Nueva 06:34
The Comedown 09:01
Stranger 06:40
Never Ending 07:36
Argo 06:01
Meshnerize 07:44
Anthem 06:06


Tracklisting (LP) :
(A) Makam – Samsara
(B) Inxec & Matt Tolfrey – Never In Doubt
(C) Alejandro Mosso – Grinding Love
(D) Douglas Greed – Dynamit (feat. Kuss)
(E) wAFF – BeatMakerZ
(F) Temma Teje – Nueva
(G) Kyle Geiger – The Comedown
(H) Gary Beck – Stranger
(I) Ray Kajioka – Never Ending
(J) Mind Against – Argo
(K) Tuff City Kids – Meshnerize
(L) Julien Bracht – Anthem Rhythm


released July 1, 2013

- Vinyl Box-Set is limited to 500 copies -
Welcome back to the Cocoon Recordings headquarter. We are proud to present the next chapter of our infamous compilation-series and believe or not: It's "M" already! Covered in the known and beloved package-design but all in pink this time... dreamy and pretty and that's the way to start the music here, too. Dutch based sushitech-producer Makam presents a dreamy opening track that is without any doubt the perfect start for this compilation. Warm harmonies and dropping sounds open up the door for track number two by Matt Tolfrey and Inxec: "Never in doubt" continues where Makam stopped however Tolfreys and Inxecs harmonies and the moody atmosphere meet a solid beat programming and merge down to a pushing piece of music that could have seen the day of light in Detoit, the inofficial techno-capital. Alejandro Mosso joins the club with the third number of our M compilation and he opens up a bag full of positive energy and happiness. With a slight Cadenza-feeling his tune is made for the next beach-party and perfect for all you Âme-fans out there. "Grinding Love" want you to move, forget and dance till you sweat!
Douglas Greed steps back a bit on the energy scale but adds more craziness to the package with his production. "Dynamite" is a freaky piece of tech-house in a cool Green Velvet style. Sounds, lyrics and the whole programming come pretty close to the lala-land-masters big hits. A cool tune with not very usual ingredients and for sure a great one!

Coming up next is "Beatmakerz". As simple as the title is the artist-name: Waff! However the short and simple names hide the fact a bit that this one is a proper monster! Based on cool breakbeats and dark percussions Waff fires hi-hat-attacks, space-sounds and vocal-parts on the listener and creates a rave-anthem that merges down some cool influences. Detroit, Manchester, Berlin and Frankfurt... you all have in here, "Beatmakerz" seems to be a hot meltdown of all the partynights of the last two decades!

After all this rave action it's time again to breathe deeper again and start the 2nd half of our compilation with Temma Teje's "Nueva". Epic strings in a nice Chymera-style meet sraight-forward-909-programming and building up slowly to a big anthem. It's a nice combination of a going deeper without leaving the party trail - perfect for the mainfloor-peaktime-set to bring the crowd back to earth again without loosing the connection.

Number seven comes from Kyle Geiger who shows us another apporach of todays tech-house-productions. He is jacking it down the house, something for you Chicago folks! Geiger's house-anthem-synths and the used vocalparts merge down to something that is close to "wild-pitch". This is the sound of the underground of 2013!

And Gary Beck even shifts up a gear and that's why we love him! Direct and with no hesitation he is delivering it full on! Gary Beck's track could be a designated signing to Dave Clarks red-series. It is techno in perfection with mental synth-stabs forming a banging floor-tool that has only one message: Dance!

In contrast to this Ray Kajioka's "Never Ending" is the first track of the compilations closing-part, the end is near although we talk about "Never Ending". There is more air in here and space for Kajioka's cool sound-design and these nice effects. This one should be the weapon of choice for all you Solomun and Stimming fans from the Hamburg based Diynamic label.

And we are slowing down more and more towards the end with Mind Against and his lovely "Argo". This is the right one for you to relax and sit back and let yourself go. Come with Mind Against and dive deep into the world of Moroder-like arpeggios. Together with the slim and elegant drum programming this is closer to disco than some of all these self-labeled proto-disco tunes out there. WE REALLY LOVE THIS ONE!

And it's time to look at the end now and with the Tuff City Kids' "Meshnerize" we have the perfect tune here waiting for you. "Meshnerize" is the most retroesque number in this selection and incorporates some nice 80s and 90s elements. It seems master Westbam is not the only one who fancy this style of retro-falvoured techno at the moment. So here they are, the warm analogue synths, the New Order bassline and the cool oldskool drum programming. This track is close to perfection - "Meshnerize" is a big one and the right tune to add sound to the next sunrise.

Well, however, we wouldn't be Cocoon Recordings if we end the compilation without another track to keep on dancing after the sun has risen again. So here is a very very last one for you by our latest artist signing Julien Bracht. With a little bit more energy than "Meshnerize" before, the shooting star delivers driving drumloops, hypnotic effect-sounds and massive string sounds. All together create a powerful but dreamy ending for this compilation and the right answer to Makam's opening track. Thank you Julien, you made this package complete and just perfect.


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Cocoon Recordings Frankfurt, Germany

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